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The best Robotic Lawn Mowers of 2017

The best Robotic Lawn Mowers of 2017

Outgrown grass in your front garden can rob your house of its real beauty. However mowing the grass when the area is large is no easy job. You can hire a hand to do this mundane job but it may not be a satisfactory one unless you monitor it.


Also it is expensive to hire people to do such jobs like mowing your garden. In this age of technology it is the trend to have machines to do such dreary and boring jobs. So you have robotic lawn mowers out there that can do the job as per your requirement. You have various makes and models to pick from.


Here is a list of a few that you can just order online or buy from a shop in your vicinity.

  1. WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower  – 955$


This is an automatic mower which can be preprogrammed to do the mowing in your garden with a tailor made schedule. It can navigate through narrow passages and also on slopes to mow your grass neatly and with precision. It is not noisy too. You can wake up to a neat garden every morning with the use of this robotic lawn mower.




  • Has easy setup and can be fully programmable
  • Comes with AIA technology allowing intricate cuts and narrow passage navigation
  • Helps mow Up to 20 degrees of Declines and inclines evenly
  • Mowing around obstacles made possible with the use of a system using shock sensors
  • When battery drains off or there is rain it automatically returns to the base
  • Cutting height positions -5
  • Cutting height – 1.6”-4”
  • Maximum cutting surface – ¼ acre
  • Battery – 28V rechargeable


Emissions -0

  1. Husqvarna 967646405 Automower – 3400$


This is generally used in the complex and large lawns which has multiple obstacles, narrow passages, tough terrain and slopes in almost 45% of the area. It is GPS assisted and has a range of features to run on auto mode. Using this can be said to be an intelligent way of keeping your lawn neat and tidy.


With the use of Automower Connect app you can not only track your mowing from wherever you are but also control, interact and remain updated about the mowing in your lawn or garden.




  • Maximum cutting capacity – 1.25 acres
  • Battery – Li- ion
  • Charging time- 75 min
  • Sound level 58 dB (A)


  1. Husqvarna 967622505 Automower – 2550$


For mowing large areas this is a preferable mower. Steep slopes and inclines can be handled with ease with this mower. Fitted with GPS navigation makes it easy to monitor its work from anywhere.


The adaptability to the growing rate of the lawn is available enabling the mower to spot mow areas with long grass. Narrow passage mowing also can be done with ease. Change the mower setting remotely via your phone using the Automower Connect App. Also allows for personal settings that can help you give a look to your garden and lawn as you desire.



  • Maximum cutting capacity- 0.8 acres
  • Battery – Li- ion
  • Charging time- 65 min
  • Sound level – 57 dB (A)

  1. Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower – 1300$


Packed with features this mower is designed to mow lawns up to 1/8 acres. It has specialized mowing blades and double wide wheels enabling it to cut St Augustine grass to a height of 3.25”. Apart from this, small twigs, pine cones, and thick lawns can be cut using this device. It is one of the friendliest mowers.

You do not have to buy any other accessory if you own this Robomow. It comes with all the accessories you need while mowing. You are provided with a water tight wire connector for splicing, Roboruler for wire replacement, base station for auto charging and more.




  • Slopes- slopes up to 36% can be mowed with this
  • Rain sensor- can operate sensing high humidity and rain
  • Base station- when not used it stays in the base station. Departs from the base station automatically completes its work of mowing and comes back for charging till it is time for the next operation.
  • Remote control- small patches of grass that cannot be cut by automatic operation can be cut with a remote control
  • Multiple zones- several zones can be handled and then mows each one individually.
  • Child lock- prevents the children or others from operating it.

These are a few robotic lawn mowers and you can have your pick according to your needs and budget.