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The best robotic vacuums to keep your home squeaky clean

The best robotic vacuums to keep your home squeaky clean

Robots were invented to make our lives simpler. The robotic vacuums are an innovation created to reduce the burden of household chores. It is a smart, hardworking machine, although a bit expensive, they can easily be handled with minimum effort.  They might not be as good as the standard vacuum cleaner in terms of suction and dust volume but can keep the house neat and tidy. These smart machines are easy to control with the support of some apps and works even when controlled from outside of the home. These machines come with cameras and smart sensors, to analyze the dust and can even be directed through remote controls. Some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners include:

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Low-pile Carpet, Hard floor, Wi-Fi Connected – 200$


Product Description

A revolutionary strong suction floor cleaning robot, the DEEBOT can clean, low pile carpet, hard floors effortlessly. Wi-Fi enabled, the machine can be controlled from anywhere, anytime. With app connectivity, the smart motion system comes with multiple cleaning modes and a brushless motor. High power lithium battery capacity gives 1.7 hours long lasting cleaning facility.

Product Features

1) The ECOVAS app helps in controlling the cleaner from anywhere and anytime.

2) Equipped with brushless motor, that gives strong suction power, the machine has a large lithium battery that gives 1.7-hour backup for a long lasting cleaning.

3) Comes with a 3-in-1, V-shaped rolling brush that is meant to remove dust, debris, and allergens. Multiple cleaning modes to remove all kinds of debris.

4) Smart sensors lead to safe climbing on inclines, cross doorsills and automatic recharge mode, which means you don’t have to lift a finger.

5) Combined with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty and an extra set of accessory.


Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology and HEPA Style Filter for Pet Fur and Allergens, Designed for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet – 220$


Product Description

The next generation of cleaning, RoboVac comes with triple filters and has a HEPA-style filter that has the capability to trap the minutest of dirt and make the air clean. Use of smart technology and innovative design provides complete hands-off vacuuming. The 3-point cleaning methodology provides complete cleaning in all areas.

Product Features

1) Advanced technology provides a clean house with just a click of the button. 3 point cleaning technology provides easy cleaning in difficult areas.

2) Strong lithium battery with 1.5-hour backup provides constant and powerful suction.

3) Equipped with side brush, rolling brush and powerful suction for ultimate cleaning.

4) Anti-scratch tempered glass cover protection for safety and infrared sensors for overcoming any obstacles. Drop sensing system to prevent falls and can recharge automatically.

5) Customer support with one-year manufacturer warranty.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer’s Warranty – 300$


Product Description

If you have pets at home, then the iRobot Roomba is the perfect companion for your cleaning needs. The high-performance robot cleaner cleans on a schedule up to 7x per week. The licensed 3-way cleaning methodology is innovated to loosen, lift and suction even the tiniest of dust from carpets and hard floors. Comes with dirt detect sensors to give a more thorough cleaning in dirty areas.

Product Features

1) iAdapt navigation technology that uses a full suite of sensors to move and adapt to the changing home needs.

2) The three-stage cleaning process agitates brushes and suctions the floors.

3) Schedule your cleaning up to 7x per week or get your house cleaned wih just a press of a button on the robot.

4) Automatic self-charging

5) Can adapt to any floor types including carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and much more.