WINBOT W730, the Window Cleaning Robot, for Framed or Frameless Windows

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Winbot w730, the window cleansing robot, for framed or frameless windows Ecovacs robotics WINBOT w730 window cleansing robot (for framed or frameless windows)see bigger WINBOT: the world's first household of window cleansing robots why is cleaning your windows essential? window glass seems smooth however if you were to see it under a microscope, it's actually porous. Glass includes numerous peaks and valleys that can catch and trap particles, road salt, pollen, rust, and even calcium deposits. If not cleaned up, the glass can become permanently cloudy and require replacement. That's costly! the standard solution to window cleansing for years, the standard solution to window cleansing was a container, a rag, a squeegee and effort. High windows, windows above the first floor and outside windows needed climbing up a hazardous ladder, and some windows were simply difficult to reach. A professional window cleaner was likewise an option, however that's costly! WINBOT is today's solution to window cleansing! no more harmful ladders. No more moving furniture. No more spraying, dripping or mess. Leave all that behind and let WINBOT do the work! Ecovacs robotics WINBOT w730 cleans framed and unframed windows so you do not need to View bigger the WINBOT w730 is specifically geared up with a frameless window detection system WINBOT'S pathfinder innovation automatically scans and determines the size of your window, then programs a customized cleansing path for maximum efficiency. WINBOT even cleans your hard to reach and extremely high windows so you never need to worry about climbing up harmful ladders. WINBOT likewise includes a push-button control for your benefit. FAQs: can WINBOT be utilized on glass of any density? on any glass density including windows, shower doors and mirrors. Exist window height constraints? WINBOT can clean up glass of any height, 18 inch x 24 inch or bigger, using several WINBOT extension cables. What type of window will not be cleaned up by WINBOT? WINBOT is not suitable with glass that has an unequal surface, such as frosted, textured, patterned, leaded, filmed or covered, due to the fact that the unequal surface prevents WINBOT from developing a safe vacuum seal. Can WINBOT clean beveled glass or glass at an angle? WINBOT is developed to clean flat, vertical glass that is 18 inch x 24 inch or bigger. WINBOT ought to not be utilized on beveled, concave or convex glass due to the fact that it will not be able to create a safe suction seal. Likewise, if WINBOT is put on a glass that is triangular fit it can not clean up the corners. WINBOT ought to never be utilized upside down or on glass overhead. Ecovacs robotics Winbot w730 cleans windows in 3 simple steps! View bigger WINBOT is simple to use WINBOT is simple to use; simply turn it on, place it on the window, and press start. Likewise cleans your high, hard to reach windows so you never need to worry about climbing up harmful ladders once again. FAQs: can WINBOT be utilized in any weather condition? in general, window cleansing is best done while the glass runs out direct sunlight and the same is true using WINBOT. When using WINBOT outdoors, the temperature level ought to be between 40º f and 114º f and it ought to not be drizzling or snowing. WINBOT ought to be utilized below 6,600 ft. Elevation in order to preserve a safe vacuum seal with the glass. Can WINBOT run without somebody present? WINBOT is developed to run individually once it is put on a window, nevertheless, somebody ought to monitor the cleansing procedure and be offered to remove WINBOT from the glass once it has ended up cleansing. Ecovacs robotics Winbot w730 is simple to clean! View bigger WINBOT is low upkeep when WINBOT is done cleaning the window or mirror, it will sing a tune to notify you. To remove the robot, simply slide the button to off position then place your forefinger in the air release trigger button and bring up on it. Once the suction is lost, you can remove WINBOT. If the cleansing pads are filthy, simply snap them off and replace them with new ones. Ecovacs robotics Winbot w730 cleans windows after mapping the best route using pathfinder Technology View bigger WINBOT is smart & efficient WINBOT's pathfinder innovation automatically scans and determines the size of your windows and mirrors, then programs a customized path for maximum cleansing speed and efficiency. A sophisticated onboard computer and several sensing units assist smartly clean around barriers, such as window deals with, so that cleansing is hands-free and undisturbed. WINBOT has a 3-stage cleansing system for maximum efficiency. First, the front cleansing pad sprayed with WINBOT cleansing solution moistens, loosens up and takes in dirt. Second, the squeegee draws the staying waterborne dirt off the window. Third, the rear cleansing pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine. Ecovacs robotics Winbot w730 protects while it cleans! View bigger WINBOT is safe & scratch proof WINBOT's dual suction rings, effective motor, back-up battery, security pod & tether keep the robot securely on windows, even above the first floor. The body of WINBOT is surrounded by incredibly soft product that will not scratch window frames, and the product on underside of WINBOT is crafted not to scratch the glass. FAQs: Can WINBOT fall off the window throughout cleansing? WINBOT holds on to a window with the use of a continuous vacuum-suction powered by a normal wall outlet. In case of power failure, WINBOT has redundant security systems to prevent falling. Ecovacs robotics Winbot functions award winning innovation. Live smart. Take pleasure in life. View Larger additional truths & FAQs who is Ecovacs robotics? Ecovacs robotics, Inc. Is an international vacuum brand with more than 15 years of experience offering consumers with higher freedom and benefit at home. Ecovacs robotics is an industry leader in product development and design that is enjoyed by more than 30 million consumers worldwide. Ecovacs robotics is likewise the only brand with items in all sectors of the home robotics category: (1) floor cleansing with Ecovacs robotics DEEBOT (2) window cleansing with Ecovacs robotics WINBOT (3) air cleansing with Ecovacs robotics ATMOBOT (4) entertainment/security with Ecovacs robotics FAMIBOT FAQS: can WINBOT clean any type of dirt or residue? WINBOT is developed for routine upkeep rather than first-time or sturdy cleansing. If your glass has a thick layer of dirt on it you must clean up an area of the glass bigger than WINBOT, let the glass dry and location WINBOT on the clean location to allow it to start cleaning the remainder of the window. How can i extend the reach of WINBOT on a window? Ecovacs robotics and our retailer partners offer 4 feet 11 inch WINBOT extension cables that can be connected to each other to extend the reach of WINBOT when cleaning taller windows. WINBOT extension cables must be utilized to ensure that the WINBOT does not yank on the power adapter throughout any point of the cleansing cycle. Can the WINBOT cleansing pad be sprayed with any type of cleansing solution? only WINBOT cleansing solution must be utilized with WINBOT due to the fact that it does not contain ammonia, acid or alcohol. The majority of cleansing solutions on the market today contain these components and may damage WINBOT. Just the front cleansing pad must be sprayed prior to use.

Product Features

Winbot clean windows automatically with just the touch of a button Winbot cleans efficiently with 2 cleaning pads and a squeegie Winbot can clean framed or frameless windows Winbot is safe even on windows above ground level Winbot can clean hard to reach and very tall windows

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