Cop Rose magnetic inside outdoor high tall window cleaning robot cleaner tools,automatic kitchen wall fireplace bathroom shower screen glass cleaner

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Manufacturer Description

Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot

Glass-cleaning, an irritating thing in numerous locations all the world, especially big and high windows, in addition to some outside windows. If you leave your windows for a week, they will be certainly covered with dust and end up being more apparent after wind or rain. It is extremely troublesome and hard work to clean them by yourself, however working with expert cleaning employees is costly and dangerous.Cop Rose window cleaning robot expense you less than having your windows expertly cleaned one time.It will be an excellent assistant in your life.Many households, cleaning up suppliers, stores, workplaces, etc like it very much.

Cleaning speed:3 minutes/meter ^ 2.
Cleaning up mode: 3 kinds
Size: 32 * 26 * 17cm
Voltage: 100-240VAC/ 50Hz/60Hz
Find Window frame: AUTO
Anti-falling control: UPS electrical
storage gadget safety rope
Adsorption mode: Vacuum absorption
Control Mode: Mobile App/Touch-on/Remote control
Alternative devices: Cleaning cloth, extension cable television, washer fluid, cleaning up rings
Consisting of:
Remote control * 1
Cleaning cloth * 12
Safety rope * 1
Safety hook * 1
Instruction book * 1
Adapter * 1
Cleaning up ring * 2
Bullet Point:
1. Under the drive of microcomputer, it can clean restroom glass, smooth wall, end table, and so on. It will surprise you with good cleaning effect.
2. Cleaning up cloth can be replaced, free for 12pcs cleaning up cloth, Strong adsorption and incredibly absorbent cleaning cloth can clean oil stand, dirt and dust, etc.
3. Natural fiber materials can be duplicated used more than 180 times.
4. Microcomputer Control, Comprehensive cleaning, instantly total, worry-free cleaning.
5. Window Glass Cleaning Robot Change your world vibrantly. Pls go to the Yutub site as below to understand more about this product.

Product Features

1.If you live in a high apartment,It's hard and dangerous to clean the windows outside,this is the product for you.It has a safety cope which can ensure it works safety. 2.If your house have windows that require tall ladders, or you are older and don't enjoy ladder work, dislike paying to clean the windows, then this is the product for you. All you need do is reach a corner of your window, stick on the cleaning robot, turn it on, wait until it finishes cleaning, it returns to the same spot, then move it to the next window. Does a great job of cleaning for your house.Many families like them very much. 3.Many shops have big and high windows,it's easy to get dusty,not convenient to clean,you need to pay for the cleaning workers.With this robot,you can save your money.You can clean your windows often to keep the shops windows clean and bright. 4.If your office have big windows or desks,it's not easy to clean by yourself,the robot can help you. 5.Many houses have sun-roof,some have windows of roof.They are not easy to clean.If you climb so high,it's dangerous.You can put the robot on them,remote control it or let it work automatically.It's very small and light,very safety to stay on the roof windows and clean them well.

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