Is a Robotic Lawn Mower a valid choice for you ?

If you don't mind about being a professional gardener - there's a chance that a Robotic Lawn Mower is just the right tool for you.

Robotic mowers look like a Roomba, except they target turf instead of dust - circumnavigating your lawn to cut your grass with their blades . Unlike their gas-guzzling, human-steered equivalents, these battery-powered bots are quiet enough to work at night (making about as much noise as a window-unit ac system). And due to the fact that they run on a pre-defined schedule you set - you can leave them alone while for long, long, long times.

In fact, a robotic mower carries out most effectively when used a few times a week, trimming a small amount each time. That way, the clippings are great adequate to sift back to the ground (instead of sitting on top of the yard to yellow in the sun.).
Robotic lawn mowers do require some labor-intensive installation procedures. Before running one the first time, you must tack down the included low-voltage wire around the boundary of your yard, developing an undetectable fence. After that, the devices practically run on auto-pilot. They'll leave their charging base (which you've plugged into an outside outlet) and hit the field on a set schedule. If they run into anything-- a garden hose pipe, your child's trike-- they'll turn around and head a different instructions. (A safety system likewise stops the blade when the bot is raised.) When their batteries run low, they go back to their base.

These machines take a random course, just like a Roomba. As a result, they don't produce the pleasing parallel lines that a human does. And although none provides 100% coverage, they did come close. Just anticipate to do some touch-up with a string trimmer.

As far as safety is concerned - these machines are pretty damn good. If they bounce against an object they immediately stop their blades, revert and take another route. If they're lifted they will stop automatically. And of course all of the major brands make sure that not even small objects can get underneath the chassis and get into the blades. Personally, I took care of my kids when the robot was out, but of course being kids they try and stick something under the Robot. In no case have I detected any potential danger.



The final conclusion here is : If you can't be bothered with those football pitch like lawn lines, but instead want perfectly cut and thick grass, a Robotic Lawn Mower is just the right choice for you. And be assured, the first time you've seen this thing working for you the setback of a couple of hundred Dollars has been forgotten !